Dr. Milan Chag

Managing Director and Senior Interventional Cardiologist at Care Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS Hospital), Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India

Managing Director

Dr. Milan Chag is managing director at CIMS Hospital which was recently rated the best multispeciality hospital of Gujarat for 2018.

Excellent Heart Healer

Dr. Milan Chag is one of the best cardiologists in India. He has an excellent success rating when dealing with heart failure problems in patients of all age groups.

Expert at Removing Blockages

Dr. Milan Chag is an expert when it comes to removing blockages that stop normal blood flow to the heart.

Top Educator & Teacher

Dr. Milan Chag is an educator. He has managed medical education conferences just JIC and delivered lectures to patients and doctors alike. He has travelled around the world to imparct knowledge.

Pioneer & Expertise

Dr. Milan Chag is a pioneer in establishing coronary, non-coronary, paediatric and structural heart disease interventional programs all over Gujarat and in India.

Award Winning Doctor & Cardiologist

Dr. Milan Chag has been awarded “Distinguished Service Award in Cardiovascular Science, Medicine and Surgery” by International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences, Winnipeg, Canada in February 2011.


Expert in Angioplasty

Dr. Milan Chag is recognized as one of the top angioplasty experts in India.


Expert in Delivering Stents Safely

Dr. Milan Chag is an expert when it comes to the usage of stents during angioplasty.


Congenital Heart Disease Expertise

Dr. Milan Chag is a top heart specialist when its related to CHD in patients of all ages.


Largest Cardiac Team in Gujarat

Dr. Milan Chag is the director of the Heart Failure Clinic which includes the top and best cardiac doctors and surgeons in Gujarat and includes the largest cardiac team under one roof in the state of Gujarat.

Dr. Milan Chag – Photo Gallery of a Leading Heart Doctor in Ahmedabad Gujarat India

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    We’ve Been Healing Hearts For Over 20 years

    Dr. Milan Chag is a director at the Heart Failure Clinic at CIMS Hospital and is rated amongst the best cardiologists in Ahmedabad and Gujarat. He is rated the top cardiologist in Rajkot, where he is originally from. 

    Patient Testimonials

    “Dr. Milan chug sir is not only one of the best cardiologist but a very simple person down to earth. we including our next to god have great faith in his abilities…xoxo”


    “Dr. Milan Chag is not only one of the best cardiologist but a very simple and down to earth person. We, including my late father have great faith in his abilities.”


    “Great human being..Great teacher.. we taught many things from him for work n life also.Thanks 4 everything.”‘



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